WWJS Challenges Chuck O’Neal to a Public Debate

For some reason, Chuck O’Neal doesn’t understand that WWJS, being a part of the Minerva Coalition, has decades of academic debate experience behind it. So he decides to accuse us of being “anonymous, flippant, cowards” (not sure why he needs that extra comma):

Picture 1

But WWJS is totally ok with being public, serious, and outspoken. (How did he miss that fact?) So we have issued a challenge:

Picture 2

Text is:

Dear Chuck,

I know you are getting desperate at this point. That’s obvious since you call us at WWJS “anonymous, flippant, cowards.”

Fact is, we are not cowards. In fact, I’d like to challenge you to a public debate on God Discussion. If you yourself are not a coward, would you like to participate?

Let me know,


This, of course, presupposes that God Discussion would be interested in hosting such a debate. But we at Minerva Coalition are pretty sure they’d be down.

Ball is now in Chuck O’Neal’s court. If he wants to take on rhetoricians who have decades of public speaking, academic debate, and social media experience, we are more than happy to oblige. Child abuse is not to be taken lightly.

Update: We take it one step further:

Picture 5


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  1. […] is also after he accused us at WWJS of being “anonymous, flippant, cowards.” Yet when we challenged him to a public debate, he was apparently too scared to respond. (He has yet to […]

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