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#WhoWouldJesusSue: Here’s to Internet Activists

We here at WWJS would like to take a moment and give some shout-outs to everyone who has thus far stood in solidarity with us. To the great big community of internet activists who tweeted, Facebooked, blogged, commented, retweeted, and re-blogged on behalf of Alex Grenier and Tim Taylor and abuse survivors everywhere: Thank you.


“Web Based Comments Concern a Matter of Public Interest”

The preliminary ruling for Grenier & Grenier v. Taylor & Grenier is now public, and it is so far a triumph for the rights of bloggers and abuse survivors everywhere: “Allegations of conduct which would violate the trust his church members and members of the public place in him as a church leader are matters of public discussion or controversy.”

Extensive Archive on Grenier Defamation Lawsuit Goes Live Today

A team of volunteers has put together a significant resource on the lawsuit of Grenier & Grenier v. Taylor & Grenier — the Grenier Defamation Lawsuit Archive. This Archive is based on a similar one produced by Brad Sargent after the 2012 case of Beaverton Grace Bible Church v. Smith. According to Alex Grenier’s volunteer team: “The Archive writers and editors have sought to be as factual and fair as possible in presenting historical events and in representing all sides accurately.”

Spiritual Sounding Board gives a wonderful summary of the #WhoWouldJesusSue history, current results of the campaign, and what’s next with the Calvary Chapel lawsuit.

#WhoWouldJesusSue Makes Its Way to Google News

Thanks to everyone for their amazing efforts yesterday to bring awareness to the #WhoWouldJesusSue campaign on behalf of Alex Grenier and Tim Taylor. On account of your efforts, we now have an official Google news provider, God Discussion, covering our work.

@CalvaryChapel’s Twitter Feed is On Fire

Social media blitz is TWO HOURS STRONG! If you haven’t joined yet, there’s plenty of time! @CalvaryChapel’s Twitter feed is on fire..

For the Media: Breaking News Advisory

Pastor Bob Grenier of Calvary Chapel Visalia (CCV), California, is suing Tim Taylor of Visalia and also one of his own step-sons, Alex Grenier of Idaho. The defendants view this as a legal maneuver to intimidate and silence them and others from speaking out against sexual abuse, physical abuse, and ecclesiastical corruption they allege he perpetrated.